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Telescopic Bollards
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Telescopic Bollards
Band: RS Security
Country of Origin: Guangdong China
Certificate: ISO,CE,SGS

Cast Iron Illuminated Removable Hydraulic Rising Bollard System

Product Description

Impact Rising Bollards also known as (Manual Hydraulic Bollards,Traffic Automatic Bollard) are quick and are ideal for infrastructure which has least depth to the purpose of affect and on the same time requiring steady operation. With spare kit a part of our commonplace provide, after sales service is all the time in priority.

RS Security Co.,Ltd present China’s first manufactured and bodily crash examined indigenously designed bollard. The Immersible Rising Bollards has been manufactured conserving in thoughts the corrosive mature of the tropical Indian local weather. All components of Reflectors Hydraulic Bollards are galvanized to prevent corrosion and smooth functioning even when submerged in water. To provide a wonderful steadiness between aesthetics and security, all Removable Automatic Bollards come with as aesthetically pleasing stainless steel sleeve, which simply merges with the enjoinment.

Security(Highway Rising Bollards)

Safety is extra vital for us and we provide dual safety mechanism

1.> Safety against car loop detector

2.> Safety in opposition to human site visitors : Photograph Sensor

Control Unit

PLC based control which might be tailor made to your use and could be integrated to all entry control devices.

Features and Features(Outdoor Hydraulic Bollards) :

1.Sturdy,Overload,Operate Smoothly,Low Noise,Quick velocity up&down

2.RS Security Co.,Ltd makes bollards(Immersible Rising Bollard) work secure and dependable,Simple integrate to other systems3.Appropriate with highway barrier,Turnstiles and other entry system management to achieve automatic management

4.Superior Hydraulic pressure applied sciences

5.Remote management system realize wi-fi control up&down   inside 30 meters range

6.Custom-made for various customers requests

7.Manual control hydraulic system devices

8.Swiping card system: constructed-in card reader to control bollards up&down

9.Street barrier combine with Bollards : constructed-in access management realize road barrier,A/C and bollards in one-card

10.Related with Laptop Administration OR Charging Systems

The Security Automatic Bollard is an electrical-hydraulic-mechanically operated retractable bollard system.The system may be rapidly and easily operated. It(Standard Automatic Bollards) is appropriate for both safety and access management functions.The system(Galvanized Rising Bollard) is designed to convey desired environmental and aesthetic enhancements to perimeter security.