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Wing Turnstiles
Band: RS Security
Country of Origin: Guangdong China
Certificate: ISO,CE,RoHS,SGS

DC Motor Swing Barriers Doors Description:

This collection of turnstile(Security Swing Turnstile) undertake the distinctive know-how of our firm---the precise picture electrical energy limit and gear to orient the closure. The Automatic Swing Turnstile be unlocked and reset due to the precise motor. The closure could be very precise and stable. This collection of turnstile undertake standard electrical energy socket. It(Fingerprint Reader Swing Turnstiles Gates) can read growth code card, ID card, IC card and so on.

There is a collection of turnstiles(Swing Turnstile). You possibly can select the item and specificalion. They can be utilized at school, metro and chamber and so forth. This series is of very excessive-tech. In order lo guarantee it(Wing Barriers) can run safely, please rigorously read this instruclion!

Prduct(Drop-arm Swing Turnstile) Operate:

- Alarm function:

when arms are pushed by pressure illegally, alarm will likely be triggered automatically and arms will likely be set locked.Swing Turnstile can verify by itself when it's have downside, it's good for customer to take care of and use.

-Anti-pinch perform:

turnstile have Mechanical/ infrared induction Anti-pinch capabilities( when it is meet the hinder in the course of the reset time, the electrical machine closed work routinely in specified time, the turnstile will default the delayed and reset again till reset succeed).

- Flashing mild immediate perform:

it is convenient to find the turnstile downside by administrative staff.

Commonplace features of Swing Turnstiles Gates

Swing Turnstiles Gates is integrating with kindergarten system to guarantee children security.

Guests enter and exit the Swing Turnstile Door want to show the authorization machine , like IC/ID card, barcode paper.

Visitors enter and exit the Swing Turnstile Gates will be take pictures as proof , mother and father will know when and who pick up the kids.

All in all, Swing Turnstile Gate will enhance youngsters secuirty in kindergarten, and utilizing this type of resolution can improve kindergarten image.

Turnstile(Swing Turnstile Doors) can setting the working situation by press the button of main control board.

The turnstile will closed the door when anyone enter the gate illegal, Tailgating or break into adverse route gate.

Before acquired the open signal, the turnstile will lock routinely

Infrared reset function (Optionally available:4 pairs or 6 pairs Infrared)

Infrared induction clamp function (4 pairs Infrared)

The turnstile(Access Swing Barriers Gate) can work with door access management system/ consumption system /biometric recognition system/ ESD system and so on

The Swing Turnstile Door is bidirectional (pedestrian can enter and exit from one pair of turnstiles).

Can supervisor and lengthy-range management the turnstile instantly by managing the computer.