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Tripod Gate
Band: RS Security
Country of Origin: Guangdong China
Certificate: ISO,CE,RoHS,SGS

Universal Security Toll Tripod Door Gate Manual

Tripod Gates Introduction

This series of Tripod Gate adopt the unique technology of our company---the exact photo electricity restrict and equipment to orient the closure. The turnstile be unlocked and reset due to the precise motor. The closure could be very precise and steady. This collection of turnstile adopt standard electricity socket. It could actually learn increase code card, ID card, IC card and so on.

There is a series of turnstiles. You possibly can select the merchandise and specificalion. They can be utilized in class, metro and chamber and so forth. This collection is of very excessive-tech. In order lo assure it may well run safely, please fastidiously learn this instruclion!

Tripod Turnstiles Features

1). Card reader out there, help WEIGNAD 26/34 communication card reader

2). Bi-directional cross/any single direction move(adjustable)

3). Arm auto-drop when energy off and auto rise up when energy on and auto stop on obstacle

4). Visitors gentle indicator/ Cross course indication

5). Alarm gentle out there(elective function)/Remote management available (non-obligatory perform)/ Counter available (optional function)

6). RS232 socket obtainable which may connect to pc. It can also connect to pc by Internet LAN socket (Optionally available perform)

Passage Directions(Waist Height Barriers)

The Waist Height Turnstile provide an effective answer for pedestrian entry management. These box tripods are perfect for the entrances where quick pedestrian throughput and aesthetics must come with a enough degree of entry security. Installed in one line, the turnstiles form passageways with out installation of extra information boundaries.

3 Arm Gate Function

artificial stone top cover with two built-in LED directional indicators

reader operating zones on the top cover stand out with a different colour

The top cover of the 3 Arm Door is made of artificial stone and is radio-transparent for concealed mounting of proximity card readers.

Two LED directional indicators with bright pictograms are located on the top cover as standard: Green Arrow indicates that the turnstile is unlocked to permit a passage and shows the direction of authorised passage; Red Cross indicates that passage is not allowed and shows that the turnstile remains in locked status.

Also the turnstile has relay outputs enabling to connect optional remote light indicators.

The Three Rollers Turnstiles is a normally closed unit (N/C), i.e. the turnstile remains locked until it receives a valid authorisation signal or is unlocked with a mechanical release key.

The Three Rollers Gates features a Fire Alarm” control input and can be automatically unlocked by a fire alarm signal or emergency button.

A key override allows an operating technician to unlock both directions of the Three Rollers Turnstile turnstile if there is need to override an access control system or in case of emergency or power failure. The mechanical release lock is built into the turnstile housing as standard and provides free rotation of the barrier arms.

Optionally the turnstile can be supplied with anti-panic folding arms to clear the passageway in emergency situations without use of any special keys or tools.