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the right way to installation three roller gates

Issuing time:2008-07-09 17:24

The installation of the three roller gates plays a vital role in the use and life of the three roller gates and plays an important role in whether the user can quickly and effectively pass the passage and the personal safety of the user.

How to install the three roller gates rationally should pay attention to the following questions:

First, to develop a reasonable plan before installation

three rollers gates

Pre-installation should be timely and complete communication with customers understand the situation at the scene to determine the program:

1) According to the scene of the environment to develop programs. Installation site is open-air or indoor venues, such as open-air use will have to choose to wear waterproof box tripod turnstile, in order to play a preventive wet weather on the circuit board corrosion; different working environment, waterproof box material selection is also different, the North Should use iron waterproof box plus temperature control system, the South should use Shuo plastic waterproof box plus temperature system.

2) According to the width and length of the tunnel, clear the number and shape of tripod turnstile, for example, whether it is vertical tripod turnstile or vertical tripod turnstile Dimensions: 420x330x980 (mm), bridged tripod turnstile Dimensions: 1200x280x1000 (mm), Tripod turnstile pole to the chassis size of 510mm, the vertical tripod turnstile Area: 420x (330 +510), bridge tripod turnstile covers an area of 1200x (280 +510), in determining the full selection Consider subway turnstile and brake lever leaving a gap (brake lever and chassis clearance is generally 50mm), each tripod turnstile area, placement,

3) According to the distance between the host computer and the tripod turnstile, select the cabling method (go straight or go dark) and the controller communication (general computer and tripod turnstile distance within 800 meters, we recommend to choose 485 communication, At a distance of more than 800 meters we choose TCP network communication.

Second, the preparatory work before installation. Generally before installation according to the actual size of tripod turnstile in the field slotted good 6 6 points -8 points plastic tube, subway turnstiles and subway turnstile leaving 50-100mm gap, easy to open the top cover, adjust the machine, Easy to maintain, etc., between subway turnstile and subway turnstile embedded, a rubber hose to take the power cord (strong electricity), another rubber hose to take the signal line (weak), can not be the power cord and signal line while walking a hose, so will Resulting in poor communication and security risks, buried pipe to expose the ground 30-40mm high, vertical line tripod turnstile should be at the bottom of the machine as well, bridge tripod turnstile should be good on both sides (because the bridge tripod turnstile The middle of the bottom is closed, the tube buried in the middle after inconvenient maintenance and security risks exist, the general power cord has a life span, a year to overhaul time).

Third, fixed adjustments. Fixed bottom with 4-M10x100 expansion screws, can not swing, the overall appearance of the whole line, (preferably fixed with a thin line before the straight line, vertical and horizontal consistent), tripod turnstile and tripod turnstile in series, one by one adjustment, Until it can be used normally. tripod turnstile should be placed horizontally with the ground so that the effect and tripod turnstile life will be at its best.

Fourth, the final check after installation chassis is grounded. According to the situation I saw in the past, many customers have no effective connection to the bottom line after installation. Tripod turnstile shell is mostly stainless steel, if the shell is not grounded line of the user's personal safety caused great security risks.