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Increase the rate of passing the turnstile

Issuing time:2017-12-04 13:04

Increase the rate of passing the turnstile

In the "Circular on the Application of the Turnstile at the October Stations" recently issued by the Passenger Transport Department of Nanchang Railway Administration, the overall barrier-out rate of Yichun's depot reached 82.8%, an increase of 1.6% from the previous month and ranking the first in the world three. This is the first time in two consecutive months the rate of the front line ranks.

Why does the segment always pass the turnstile rate so high? "Thanks to the three of us in time." "The business section deputy chief Liao Shaoping gave the answer.

Promote timely guidance in place. The section of the high-speed rail station entrance, exit station passenger staff will take the initiative to guide the blue magnetic media ticket Passengers through the ticket turnstile brush votes in and out of the station, not allowed to enter and exit through the manual ticket gate. Passengers who first use or do not use blue magnetic media tickets to brush tickets will be provided with help and guidance by the passenger handlers so that passengers can experience the convenience and convenience of brushing in and out of the station. At the same time, they also posted guiding signs on the turntile's ticket gate, delimiting the blue magnetic media ticket passengers lining up the ticket area to ensure the orderly passage of the entire ticket examination process.

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Maintenance timely maintenance. This section is good at turnstile equipment maintenance and management work during the day-to-day and major holidays, establish and improve the management system of turnstile repair. Each high-speed rail station turns the status of the turnstile equipment as an important part of the daily hand-over of passenger traffic. The turnstile equipment must be inspected after the shift before normal work shifts can be made. In the case of spring festival, summer festival, national day and other major holidays, they also increase the inspection frequency of the turnstile equipment in the class. Where the turnstile equipment fails, it immediately notifies the maintenance organization to repair and rectify faults, promptly turns the turnstile to ensure turnstiles The normal use.

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Analysis summary timely place. The paragraph reinforces the statistical analysis of the turnstile rates of the turnstile at each HSR station, analyzes the problems existing in the entry-exit check through the stations with low turnstile rates, analyzes the causes, conscientiously rectifies the work, and ensures that the station is obtained through the turnstile rate Effective promotion. At the end of each day's Passenger Corps, the station's passenger vice president will analyze the turnstile passing in and out of the station through the turnstile rate, and on the day turnstile will pass the turnstile's low rate of staff accountability and request a rectification commitment; weekly passenger work analysis meeting, The deputy section chief of the segment will be criticized by the turnstile for passing the name of the station with a low turnstile rate, which will be issued after the meeting and will force the segment turnstile through the turnstile rate to maintain a high level by transmitting pressure.