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how to choose swing barrier and flap barrier?

Issuing time:2009-05-09 17:33

how to choose swing barrier and flap barrier?

RS Security Co., Ltd manufacturers telltiles tell your swing barrier and flap barrier how to choose

In the selection of turnstile, it should be based on the characteristics of the use of places to choose to see is to choose flap barrier or, often in the subtleties are different. What is the difference between swing barrier and flap barrier? Are these two kinds of gates uniform?

flap barrier

First, for their own

When buying turnstile machine, only according to their own circumstances to choose the real fit is the best, not to say that the more expensive the more suitable for themselves, if you buy a price and high results are not suitable for their own, Does it mean that my wife lost his salary?

Second, affordable

According to the customer's own requirements to choose, if you need both beautiful and economical but also affordable, you can choose swing barrier.

Third, the installation site

There are many styles of flap barriers that are used on specific occasions, such as the prison flap barrier. According to the customer's installation site, such as some enterprises or supermarkets park entrance, taking into account that some staff may have to go through the bike (swing barrier) class, swing barrier is not the wrong choice.

Fourth, many styles

Its style is more, a column swing barrier, bridge swing barrier, of course, non-standard custom swing barrier and so on. swing barrier can also be used as a single channel. It can reduce its cost.

swing barrierFlap barrier style is also a lot of, there are full-height flap barrier, rail ticket automatic ticket machines, prison flap barrier and so on. However, the flap barrier generally stainless steel or cold spray, the price is higher.

Fifth, beautiful and elegant

More high-end places or enhance their own image of norms. Its advantage is the product fast, elegant appearance is also elegant, but also the swing barrier upgrade products.

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