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How to choose full height turnstile manufacturer?

Issuing time:2010-08-08 14:00

How to choose full height turnstile manufacturer?

full height turnstiles Also known as the revolving door or, full height turnstile, also called turnstile, is the waist height turnstile, swing turnstile, flanging turnstile, speed turnstile so turnstile gate the latest upgrades, with irreplaceable advantages, the formation of an inherent closed channel Space, pedestrian orderly swipe. Many important sites need to be unmanned all-weather security measures, such as prisons, factories engaged in special industry operations, construction sites and other places has become a full promoter of full height turnstiles, the rapid development of the industry gave birth to a Another group of high-growth enterprises, full height turnstiles for strict control of the system area, which can effectively prevent climbing, drilling more, passing through the full height turnstiles by passers-by, the authority to control the full height of turnstiles can reject unauthorized Personnel entering, if allowed by permission, full height turnstiles will be automatically released.

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So what about the full height turnstiles like this? In fact, the choice of the most important manufacturers, full height turnstiles machine manufacturers are professional, product quality is high, after-sales service is guaranteed, these questions for the choice of full height The winners are all important issues to consider. Then Xiaobian come tell us how to choose the right full height turnstiles machine manufacturer's skills:

1, Choose professional manufacturer full height turnstiles, with gate machine equipment design, production capacity and channel system development capabilities; with independent product testing and certification of full height turnstiles and channel system software. Avoiding full height turnstiles and channel system software is done by two different vendors; there are a number of successful application cases.

full height turnstiles2, full height turnstiles system at reasonable prices. full height turnstiles System prices are mainly composed of three parts: outsourcing equipment, turnstiles equipment, channel system applications. Outsourcing equipment prices are transparent, it should be noted that: full height turnstiles manufacturers provide outsourcing brand, the quality can not be too low, because the full height turnstiles system requires long-term stable and reliable operation; turnstiles equipment manufacturers independent research and development products, the market price A big difference, the user generally do not know how to screen the pros and cons, you need to carefully compare the performance parameters, production technology, function settings, the actual application. Channel system application software (the only one dedicated channel system software developer in China) is also a very important aspect in price system. It needs to compare software functions, data security considerations, and ease of operation. Low prices is an advantage, but should look at the meaning.

full height gates3, thoughtful service. Well-run businesses will focus on after-sales service. From other applications directly or indirectly understand the business after-sales service.

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